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    The curse on Priyamani...

    Priyamani doesn't know if she should laugh or cry at the way things are going. The pretty actress had a tough time to establish herself in the industry. Finally, when she did become a star to reckon with, she is not quite pleased with the kind of roles that are coming her way!

    Priyamani is a modern Bangalore-based girl in real life. But on the screen, she is seen in typical village-belle roles. Unfortunately for her, the audience has made its mind up that only such kinds of roles fit her.

    But she isn't interested in getting herself type casted in such roles. So, Priyamani makes it a point to go to film functions dressed in modern and trendy western costumes. She has also shot an extensive portfolio of herself in modern attire and is now busy circulating them to all the filmmakers.

    People who saw the portfolio are impressed by the pictures and also by the way she looks. But when it comes to offering her films, they still have only village belle roles with no makeup!

    Well, something is always better than nothing at all!

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    hmmm she is an ok actresses
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    Hope she gets the roles she deserves.

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