About Weindians.net

A little about who we are...

    A little about who we are...
  • Weindians.Net are a indian-malayali community where enthusiastic members share a great deal of friendship, discuss about various matters like indian films and music and related matters(more specifically malayalam), news, job related matters and help others on various things.

  • This friendship community was founded back in 2005-2006 by a group of malayali friends in UK, as a frienship place for UK malayalis as ukmalayalee.net and renamed to ukindian.net afterwards and started getting members from various parts of world like India, US and UAE etc.So ukindian.net gradually formed into weindians.net and still reigning as one of the unique and large malayali-indian community in the world.

  • Weindians forum is free for use and most of the parts of websites are viewable/readable as guest(non-member) and offers freedom of information. But by joining (Register) our community, you get the opportunity to reply to discussions and post something you wish, enjoy members only features and gradually unlock various features.

    • How can you use forums
  • You can read or share informations written here by other members anytime, but by joing us you enjoy more features like posting comments , messaging privately to others, use virtual games, get points and use it in virtual shop etc. Also you can get promotion to higher usergroups and unlock other hidden features. Registration is free and wont take more than couple of minutes, make sure you use a working email and activate your account. You can read our FAQ for more informations and also please read our Rules too.

    • How can I help Weindians Community
  • Weindians.Net is growing day by day, but we still need members who can write for us and post updated news and discussions throughout the forum. So we are looking forward to you always. You can Invite friends to join here and there by increase our community size. Also we will be looking for members who can moderate our community from time to time and those who can be active here regulalry will be offered staff posts. Also please feel free to share and link to us (https://www.weindians.net) and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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