Akkarakazhchakal all episodes playlist(50 episodes)
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    Akkarakazhchakal all episodes playlist(50 episodes)

    Akkarakazhchakal all episodes playlist(50 episodes)

    Akkarakazhchakal all episodes playlist(50 episodes)

    Plot:- The show focuses on George Thekumoottil (Josekutty Valiyakallumkal), a struggling insurance agent. His wife Rincy (Sajini Sachariah) is a nurse who prefers a more luxurious life. While George and Rincy grew up in Kerala, their children Matt (Litto Joseph) and Chakki mol (Priya Joseph) were raised in the United States and they like the American way of living. The show also features Jacob Gregory as George's insurance assistant, Giri Giri and Paulose Palatty as George's father.

    Other episodes follow the lives of Mahi (Hari Dev) and Babykuttan (Sanjeev Nair), two nurses who recently immigrated from India and their housemates Krish (Jayan Mathew) and Baiju (Geo Thomas), who moved in with them after losing their jobs during the IT recession.

    Other recurring characters include Pallilachan (Jose Paramus), a priest from the New Jersey church, Rincy's friend Shiny (Shine Roy) and Shiny's husband Jacob Embranthiri (Saji Sebastin).

    Episode list[edit]
    1 Church Going - The George family prepares to go to Church.
    2 Malayalam Culture - George installs a Malayalam Channel to teach his daughter Chakki and teenage son Matt the young adult in the family some "Malayalam Culture."
    3 New Nurses
    4 George's new business idea.
    5 George is invited to a Christmas get-together at Chacko's house.
    6 George's house is haunted by a Madama Ghost.
    7 Rincy forces George to go on a new diet plan.
    8 George studies to become an insurance agent.
    9 George tries to grow Thekummootil Insurance Corp with new marketing techniques.
    10 George agrees to do Feng Shui/Vasthu in his house.
    11 Mahesh and Babykuttan try out the dating scene.
    12 Gregory discovers his hidden talent.
    13 George gets a new pet for the house.
    14 George hires a handyman.
    15 Rincy plans a trip to India.
    16 Babykuttan joins Sameway (a multi-layer marketing company).
    17 Babykuttan tries to be a Sameway Millionaire.
    18 George has a "small party" while Rincy is away.
    19 Rincy returns with Appachan.
    20 Matt grows up.
    21 George and Family gets invited to a party.
    22 Gregory resigns.
    23 Gregory's first day at Blimpie.
    24 George's new assistant.
    25 Babykuttan learns to drive.
    26 Generation Gap
    27 Mahi tries to change career.
    28 George brings a superstar home.
    29 The Candy Problem
    30 Appachan and Giri Giri's new hobby.
    31 Appachan's Krishi
    32 Appachan's Achar
    33 Omana Onam 2008
    34 Job Search. Car Search. Wife Search.
    35 Back to School
    36 Halloween
    37 Mahi's Dilemma
    38 The Rat Problem
    39 George goes to the Doctor
    40 Black Friday
    41 Rincy's brother visits
    42 Informercial episode
    43 Christmas Episode
    44 Appachan Babysits
    45 The Love Letter
    46 Appachan's Birthday
    47 DJ KJ Episode
    48 Going back Home
    49 Babykuttan's English Tutor
    50 George buys a New Car
    (Courtesy -Wikipedia)

    Akkarakazhchakal 1-50 episodes(full) playlist

    In manorama's I Me Myself episode Mr.Josukutty Valiyakallumkal who played the main character of George Thekumoottil in Akkarakazhchakal
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    Akkarakazhchakal all episodes playlist(50 episodes)

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    Re: Akkarakazhchakal all episodes playlist(50 episodes)

    Thanks Bhai.... great collection in a single playlist. Should we do it with other popular shows?

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