Top 5 Android 'O' features - by MKBHD
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    Top 5 Android 'O' features - by MKBHD

    Top 5 Android 'O' features - by MKBHH

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    We already know that Google's next version of Android (android 8) will be starting with alphabet 'O' even before google announced it. Though we will know which name of sweet starting with 'O' only by final release in 3rd quarter of this year, we have already first alpha release already available for download Hidden Content . We know lot about new features of Android 'O' (see Hidden Content ), still the top tech reviewer MKBHD aka Marques Brownlee has his top 5 features in his latest video ( YouTube channel - Hidden Content ) below.

    1) All new Setting app :- The setting app in android hasn't gone a major overhaul in long time. Google has been adding more options and features into it obviously every version. But its going to change in 'O' version. It will be more simpler and cleaner starting from main menu to through the each single sub-settings and more over there will be sliding left panel too for main menu.

    2) Notification panel changes :- In Android 'O' notifications will have new animation on sliding down and each notification from app with cool icon and grouping of notifications from same app. But more cool feature here will be that on swiping and drag slowing to right you will have 'snooze' icon with option on clicking to snooze for the amount of time you select and settings button for that notification for more options.

    3) Home screen Navigation button Customization :- At the moment we have 3 home screen navigation buttons in Android - back button on left, round centre button we use to go back to home screen from any app or appdrawer and then recent apps button on right which are bit different to different manufacturers (left and right buttons).

    4) Contextually Aware Text Selection Dialogue (CATSD) :- This feature can be seen as an upgrade of text selection from a webpage or any app etc while you touch press and the pop up appears. Currently it has only copy and paste and share options. In Android 'O' you will have an app to open the the text with based on what the text has; if you selected some numbers say a phone number you can open the phone app to dial that number or some address you can open Google Maps to search for the location or navigate to. This feature is a part of iOS and something which Apple patented for and we have seen few years back it was one of the feature Apple claimed in its lawsuit against Samsung or Google. Not sure this is different from Apple's!

    5) Lock-screen customization :- We have 2 lock-screen short cuts already on both bottom corners of phones now. In Android 8 it will be customizable to any app you would want to. Currently it has camera app and Google assistant. When you have Android 'O' you can change it to any app you want to use so frequently, rather than unlocking the lock-screen and going to the app. This setting will be available in settings under System UI tuner tab. I'm not sure yet whether it will be changed in final version.
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    Top 5 Android 'O' features - by MKBHD

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