Kenrick Cleveland - The Persuasion Factor
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    Kenrick Cleveland - The Persuasion Factor

    Kenrick Cleveland - The Persuasion Factor

    Kenrick Cleveland - The Persuasion Factor

    The strategies you’re about to discover, are the secret methods I’ve used for decades to imbed the persuasion skills I teach. And now you too, can quickly and easily gain mastery over everything I teach using the exact same method I use to train myself… and my best students!

    The Persuasion Training Program that will enable you to skyrocket your persuasion skills, close more sales and take more time off without having any effect on your bank account!

    How The Persuasion Performance Factor Program Will Catapult Your Closing Percentages!

    It’s been long and hard, but you’ll soon see how worth your while this is going to be. I’ve spend many nights brainstorming this new training.

    During the lengthy planning time, most nights I didn’t hit the hay until way past midnight. Then I’m up to do it all over again! I really wanted to get this right.

    I thought intensely about who this type of training is for. My desire was a final solution to the problems any sales person faces in their day-to-day activity. And I humbly suggest this is it.

    This training program is designed for very busy people. People who know the value of persuasion, and wants to improve but may not have the time to dedicate to a self-designed regimen.

    It’s for the person who wants to excel, but doesn’t want to break the bank in the process. It’s designed to “sharpen the saw” before the work. It helps you soar to the greatest heights possible in your industry. And when you combine the persuasion skills I teach with the Millionaire Mindset trainings I’m including… You’ll be the champion you’ve always dreamed of becoming!

    Here are the details about my new Persuasion Factor Program:

    I designed this program with the intent of giving you the best, most profitable persuasion information I know. This program is divided into monthly training modules that enable you to master important key steps, one at a time.

    I’ve done crash-course trainings, where I’ve taken a group, trained them, they went out and performed way above their previous numbers and in a few months they get rusty. Why? Because they don’t continue their training!

    I’m certain you’ve heard of the law of use: If you don’t use it, you lose it.

    And that was one of my prevailing thoughts when I designed this unique training. I didn’t want you to “get it”, then forget it.

    So it’s designed in a way that’ll…

    Train You So Thoroughly In Persuasion Skills, You’ll Be Able To Spit Out Binding Language Patterns In Your Sleep!

    Here’s how it works:

    Each and every month you’ll get your “Key To Mastery Components” delivered to your mail box. Each month, you'll get 3 CD's. One from each of the groups below:

    Master Persuasion Skills To Help You Get What You Want In Life!

    Here are the Persuasion Strategies you’ll be learning in just the first 12 months. With this breakthrough program, you'll be able to quickly and easily integrate these skills into your daily behavior.

    Rapport Strategies

    How to Tell Persuasive Stories

    How to Elicit, Change and Use Criteria

    Powerful and covert suggestion strategies

    How to leverage other’s emotions to your advantage and theirs

    Strategies to covertly and conversationally alter people’s consciousness and why you would want to do that

    Learning and Installing the Millionaire Mindset

    I’m as excited about this as I am the persuasion information.

    I’ve created a whole curriculum to use and install the types of strategies used to generate millions of dollars in sales.

    This step-by-step system will allow you to grow yourself into any position you desire in life!

    Better still, I’ve created one section of this system online. This allows you to conveniently track your progress, and evolve your goals once you reach them. Any success coach will tell you, the best way to grow anything, whether it's athletics, or business, is to track your growth!

    So now, you'll be able to go online to your private tracking area, and analyze how well your implementing every new strategy you're learning! It's a must have for anyone who's serious about massive growth in their business and their life.

    Downloadable Written Assignments... and Bonuses!

    Yes, every single month you'll get a special email notification that directs you to a secret members only page where you'll access downloadable manuals.

    These will range from self-scoring quizzes... to transcripts of the different tracks you'll get on CD. They're truly amazing.

    While the audio programs are embedding these skills on an auditory level... you'll also master these skills visually--and kinesthetically!

    When you do theses simple yet effective exercises, your persuasion skills will be taken over the top! Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

    Special Monthly
    Light And Sound Programs
    To Install Everything You've Learned!

    Here's Where It Gets REALLY Good!

    Not only will you be getting monthly programs that will incrementally grow you to be a top persuader in your field, but you'll also get a specially designed Light and Sound session to embed that month's skill into your regular behavior!

    This is what makes this program totally unique, and will take you over the top. By getting the Light and Sound session, you'll be able to lay back on your couch, plug in, and in about 20 minutes, I'll install this new behavior in you.

    And the best part is, it's pain FREE! The old idiom, "No pain, no gain" will be tossed out the window for you. You won't have to struggle for years to master this skill.

    Just sit back, relax, and have your new persuasion and wealth strategies effortlessly embedded in you!

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    Kenrick Cleveland - The Persuasion Factor

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