Provocative Therapy & Improvisation - 4 DVDs Rips
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    Provocative Therapy & Improvisation - 4 DVDs Rips

    Provocative Therapy & Improvisation - 4 DVDs Rips
    Nick Kemp and Andrew T Austin - Provocative Therapy & Improvisation - 4 DVDs Rips

    On these DVDs Nick Kemp and Andrew T Austin teach the art of Improvisation, Provocation
    and Drama in Therapy. In many traditional forms of therapy and change work practitioners and
    therapists can tend to work in a very procedural manner that at times limit creativity when
    working with clients that often is a key factor in producing excellent results for clients.
    Nick Kemp and Andrew T Austin both run highly successful private practices and teach from
    their own personal experience of working with clients from variety of backgrounds. Nick Kemp
    demonstrates many of the skills he learned from his intensive training with Frank Farrelly the
    creator of Provocative Therapy that has resulted in being one of the few Farrelly approved
    Provocative Therapy trainers in the world today. Nick also teaches skills from his own
    Provocative Change Works(tm) approach using The Provocative Icon System (tm) created by
    him to communicate the effective use of provocation in client sessions. With over three decades
    of working in personal development Nick is known to be outspoken and at times controversial in
    his views which frequently challenge many of the sacred cow beliefs in therapy and change work.
    On these DVDs he demonstrates how he works in client sessions and reveals many of the skills
    used in his work on the BBC curing clients with longstanding phobias and other difficult
    behavioural problems.
    Austin writes, "All too often I have witnessed therapists delivering sessions that consist of little
    more than an intellectual exploration of issues, or worse still, therapists rely on scripted
    techniques and processes whilst trying to mask their own personality and emotions in the game
    of 'state management'. Hardly a good role model; and whilst such an approach may benefit some
    clients, I have often found that the addition of a sense of drama to the session can significantly
    facilitate change work. By engaging the full emotional response-set of the client, resistance can
    be by-passed and deep therapeutic change created. But in order for this to happen, first the
    therapist must be prepared to cultivate their own response sets to their clients and improvise
    Bringing with him his background experiences from critical care areas such as neurosurgery and
    Accident and Emergency, Andrew T. Austin is very familiar with working in environments
    where reacting to unexpected events and the need to improvise are crucial to the effective
    delivery of care and support. In clinical practice as a private therapist he has long lamented the
    "blank slate" or "blotting paper" approaches used by so many of his therapy contemporaries. Too
    many therapists seek to minimize their presence in the therapeutic setting by remaining
    emotionless and non-judgmental in the face of challenging behaviours and symptoms. Austin's
    primary motto for therapy students is, "In order to help them, you must be more powerful than
    your clients problem" and thus it is the combination of Improvisation and Provocative Therapy
    that provides one such platform for developing this power.


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    Provocative Therapy & Improvisation - 4 DVDs Rips

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