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    Peter Freeth - Change Magic

    Peter Freeth - Change Magic

    Change Magic is more than a book - it's a methodology, a mindset for creating effective organizations that adapt and evolve to exploit a changing environment.

    Change Magic is the antidote to the corporate change management culture that seems to be the only solution on offer.

    Why keep changing your organization?

    Have you any idea how much money a change management program costs?

    And have you any idea how few people really make any lasting changes as a result?

    Don't change - adapt, evolve and succeed.

    Change Magic is based on some simple yet pervasive guiding principles including Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection and the application of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to an organizational model.

    In the past, some people have used NLP with the people in an organization; Change Magic is very different - it applies NLP's systemic change toolkit to the fabric of the organization itself.

    Systemic change toolkits such as NLP have been refined over many decades in personal change applications such as coaching and therapy.

    Always, the objective is to integrate the 'problem' into a balanced system rather than trying to fix one part of the person's behavior.

    Organizational change consultants frequently look for problems, fix those problems and then fail to address the side effects of change.

    In fact, when you change one part of an organization you change the whole organization, so change can only be introduced systemically if you want the change to take place easily and permanently.

    What happens when balanced systems change systemically?

    They adapt - they evolve. Organizations that survive for hundreds of years do not change, they adapt.

    Adaptation is a specific process that enables an organism or organization to constantly take advantage of its environment.

    So, Change Magic is both a toolkit and a story about organizations that survive by adapting.

    By reading it, you will absorb the attitude necessary to encourage systemic adaptation.

    By becoming a Change magician, you will focus on what the organization needs to become, not on the change itself.

    Change is just a transition.

    It is not an excuse for an elaborate project with slogans, mugs and people seconded from their jobs.

    Change is simply difference - it is not an end in itself.

    Perhaps the most important aspect of Change Magic is to focus on the future, not on the past or on the change process.

    By setting a clear direction for the future, change will happen in ways you could not have planned for.

    Therefore, clear communication of what the organization is to become, and what people have to do differently, will generate new behavior that in turn leads to new beliefs, new attitudes, new culture and an organization that adapts to change in the world around it.

    Don't read another change management book.

    Prescriptive change models are just generalizations of what worked for someone else, in a different organization in the past.

    Change Magic helps you to develop your own change management skills, not to read about someone else's.

    Change Magic is not a theory.

    It is the result of the author's practical experience in organizations undergoing rapid and constant change, both as an observer and as a participant.

    Change Magic is real life - not what the books tell you.

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    Peter Freeth - Change Magic

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