www.binaural-beats.com Entire Collection
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    www.binaural-beats.com Entire Collection

    Headache release
    www.binaural-beats.com Entire Collection
    Dissolve painful headaches with just 10 minutes of listening! Listen as the binaural beat recording gently soothes and calms your mind, with special frequencies for reducing pain. Works every single time. Use for relieving headaches and migraines

    Power siesta
    www.binaural-beats.com Entire Collection
    Recover from lost sleep in just 30 minutes! Sit back, put on your headphones and relax. This binaural beat recording utilizes special frequencies to relax you, reduce required sleep, and ensure you wake up bright and alert. Use after a sleepless night or to reduce sleep required.

    The world first digital drug
    www.binaural-beats.com Entire Collection
    Enjoy a totally safe and exhilarating experience, with this 60 minute recording. Simply relax as you listen to the binaural beats stimulating parts of your mind not touched by other CDs. A fantastically awesome inner-journey. Use for good moods, euphoria, visualisation

    Chakra Balancing
    www.binaural-beats.com Entire Collection
    Take a 55 minute journey through your seven chakra points, unblocking and balancing each point. Feel free and spiritually calm, as specific frequencies activate the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. Use for balancing your chakra, happiness

    Einstein Mind
    www.binaural-beats.com Entire Collection
    Experience your mind in perfect harmony and balance, with this 60 minute CD. This binaural beat recording utilizes the 7.83 Hz Earth Resonance, perfectly balancing Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta brainwaves. Use for high IQ thought, the Guru mindset, big picture thinking

    The Inventor
    www.binaural-beats.com Entire Collection
    Unleash your inner inventor with this 35 minute binaural beat recording. Relax as your brainwaves are gently shifted, bringing about a mix of new ideas, fresh thoughts and total inspiration. Use for generating new product ideas, book plots, business proposals

    Total Relaxation
    www.binaural-beats.com Entire Collection
    Enjoy the most relaxing 60 minutes of your entire life! Feel your body get physically lighter as your problems, worries and stresses simply melt away. Definitely one of the most powerful binaural beat recordings you will ever listen to. Use for total and utter chill-out.

    Ultra Deep Meditation
    www.binaural-beats.com Entire Collection
    Meditate deeper than ever before, with this 60 minute CD. Sit back and let the binaural beats take you down to a level usually reserved for meditation gurus with many years practice. Use to bring about inner peace, to calm the mind, to relieve stress

    Razor Sharp focus
    www.binaural-beats.com Entire Collection
    Blast through your work and revision faster than ever. This 60 minute binaural beat recording totally clears your mind fog, bringing full clarity and laser focus to your tasks. Non-drowsy. Use for improved studying, learning languages, working faster, scientific thinking

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    www.binaural-beats.com Entire Collection

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