Jonathan Parker - Chakra Healing
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    Jonathan Parker - Chakra Healing

    Your 7 major chakras are like small spinning vortices of energy arranged vertically through your body from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Each chakra acts like a computer center to process and store the energy of your every thought and action. The chakras act as doorways through which emotional, mental, and spiritual forces flow in and out of your life. All of your spiritual life lessons are recorded here, and determine your relationships, economic conditions, health, and your psychological and spiritual life. It is a fact, that there is no area of your life that is not affected by your chakra system. This is why it is so critically important that you understand and know how to clear your chakra energies.

    In this program you will experience…

    • Healing issues with your inner child, relationships & money

    • Chakra color balancing

    • 8th chakra integration

    • Merging with Ascension light

    • Clearing personal power, self-esteem, and emotional issues

    • Expand greater love and Divine trust

    • Clearing memories and issues at a cellular and core level

    • Christ Consciousness meditations

    • Activating and merging with your Higher Self

    • Releasing through forgiveness

    • Infusing God Presence awareness through your whole body

    • Bi-location initiation to an Ascension chamber

    • Lifting your awareness with a Golden Ascension Ray

    • Opening yourself to the source of inspiration & Divine wisdom

    • Release aging thoughtforms

    • Body Regeneration & Glandular Activation for health & longevity

    • Light purifications to clear all the chakras & cellular memories

    • Open your crown chakra to the God Source

    • Radiate love energy from your heart to heal all conditions

    • A meditation to answer your important questions about your life

    • Discover your purpose and reasons for being here now

    • Meet with spiritual master guides who have messages for you

    • Phenomenal meditations to fully connect you with your God Presence

    • Special gifts to help you through the greatest challenges in your life

    This comprehensive program, Chakra Healing, takes you step-by-step through each chakra with very thorough and specific meditations to target the unique energy patterns of each chakra so you can clear issues at their source. You will scan each chakra and with the help of Master Healers remove negative core issues and attachments, and receive healing energies for the corresponding physical organs and systems affected by that chakra. Many releasing techniques unique to each chakra are used to purify cellular energies and dissolve all limiting patterns. This program initiates a great deal of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.


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    Jonathan Parker - Chakra Healing

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