500 IQ Mindbenders
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    500 IQ Mindbenders

    500 IQ Mindbenders
    Prepare yourself for the ultimate test of your brain power! We're devised over 500 IQ puzzles to stretch your logical and lateral thinking abilities to the limit.
    This book has been meticulously compiled from some of the most devious puzzles you've seen. Some will require keen mathematical skill, others an ability to recognise abstract patterns, but all our puzzles are supremely logical and can be solved with the right approach.

    If you have a sharp mind, some of the answers to these puzzles will jump straight out of the page at you. However, others will require a bit more thought. Try not to rush for an answer straight away - have faith in your abilities and all will become clear - and don't feel tempted to have a peek at the answer page too soon. If you feel completely stumped by one particular puzzle, then move on and come back to it later - coming up with the solution to a later puzzle just might give you the inspiration you need!

    But the idea of this book is not about right and wrong answers, it's about exercising your mind and flexing your mental muscles. With the right approach, you too can discover your IQ potential.

    The large variety of puzzles here are designed to test your powers of lateral thinking and problem solving to the max! You'll have to be able to recognize patterns and sequences, spot similarities and differences and even pick your way through our convoluted mindbenders.

    The solutions to all the puzzles in this book are staring you right in the face - you just have to be looking at them in the right way!
    So sit back, relax your body and let your brain take the strain - it's all a matter of logic.
    500 IQ Mindbenders

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    500 IQ Mindbenders

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