Mitchell Gibson – The Miracle Prayer
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    Mitchell Gibson – The Miracle Prayer

    The Miracle Prayer

    Mitchell Gibson – The Miracle Prayer

    Benefits: Improved sleep, improved concentration, sense of peace, improve your connection to the Creator, clears negative karma, improves your inner strength.

    The Miracle Prayer is one of our most powerful spiritual tools. The Miracle Prayer combines a number of energetic principles that work together to create a truly wonderful spiritual product.

    We call it The Miracle Prayer for a reason. Since its release in 2002, we have received a number of calls and letters from its users relating some remarkable results.

    Recently, a client had requested that we pray for her dog who was suffering from a rare brain tumor. Her vet requested that she put the dog to sleep to forestall its suffering. After hearing her story, I suggested that she play The Miracle Prayer near where the dog slept. Fortunately, the dog liked to sleep near the stereo speakers. When she put the prayer on the CD player, the dog perked up and listened at attention…for several hours… though something had caught its attention….

    My client had never seen him do that before…and certainly not for several hours…..the dog did not move from the spot for two days and my client played the prayer continuously……one morning, she noticed that the dog had gone outside…she noticed that it was running and playing…..

    She took him to the vet….the doctor could find no trace of the tumor….the doctor noted that he had never seen a remission of that type in that manner of tumor…

    Another client asked that we pray for her father who was affected with renal cancer…..she played the Miracle Prayer CD for him prior to his staging laparatomy the next day…that morning, the doctors could find no trace of the cancer……even though the MRI had clearly shown a large renal mass on his right kidney the week before….

    Another client played the prayer continuously in her study while she worked…she noticed that her animals had begun sleeping near the speaker, listening at attention….her plants had begun growing in the direction of the sound……

    We have a number of stories such as this that are associated with The Miracle Prayer….We do not claim that a miracle will happen in your life through the use of the prayer, rather, we note that the right application of faith, concentration, and clarity of heart and mind seems to open the doorway for Gods’ Power to work through the prayer in some animals and people.

    The Miracle Prayer is a combination of several advanced and ancient energies;

    1. The Ana B’Koach…an ancient prayer which some say encodes the 42 letter Name of God.

    2. The power of a wonderful mother rainstorm

    3. Softly embedded EMDR tones

    The 42 Letter Name of God is an ancient word of Power. This Name of God is divided into seven lines.

    Each line can be seen as a DNA sequence that represent seven different types of energy. Each line, or sequence, contains six words that provide Divine Energy for helping us to solve the problems of life.

    Line 1: This is the most powerful line of the prayer, created to be concentrated upon in time of extreme stress or danger; the DNA sequence of power to provide sustenance in a time of dire need.

    Line 2: Grants the user the power to move events and control negative forces.

    Line 3: Empowers one with the ability to make the right decision, with the proper balance and compassion.

    Line 4: Grants the endurance necessary to follow through and prove victorious.

    Line 5: Provides the energy of deep insight, creates a form of clairvoyance that allows the user to see into the future.

    Line 6: Gives the ability to find peace and inner strength.

    Line 7: Grants the power of renewal which allows one to start over again.

    Some Native American tribes describe rainstorms as having the energy of a mother rain or the power of the father rain.

    Mother rainstorms are soft gentle storms that linger for longer periods of time. They are said to deliver much needed life force and energy to the land for its renewal and growth.

    Father rainstorms tend to be shorter and more powerful. They too bring life force to the land but they also release more destructive force.

    The Miracle Prayer has been electronically mixed with a lingering and beautiful mother rainstorm that lasted for several hours. The energy of the storm was in part captured in the recording. In effect, one can almost feel the power of the rain as you listen to the recording.

    EMDR tones are designed to help facilitate enhanced communication between the left and right lobes of the brain. EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. This is a relatively new and exciting therapeutic process that has shown great promise in the treatment of trauma and anxiety disorders.

    The EMDR tones embedded within the recording act to speed up the action of the prayer on the body and mind.

    One may listen to The Miracle Prayer upon awakening every morning and again every evening at sunset. During these times, the user should consciously visualize the problem to be addressed and allow the words of the prayer to fill your being. There is virtually no positive need or desire that the prayer cannot address.

    The Miracle Prayer may be used to protect the user and his or her loved ones from evil, to sustain them in time of need, to heal them in illness, and to comfort them in grief. By the combined powers of faith and applied concentration, Miracle Prayer practitioners have the ability to secure anything in life that is rightfully theirs. You may not use this prayer to cause harm to another or for any negative purpose.

    To activate the power of The Miracle Prayer in order to help you with a particular problem or goal, you must listen to the prayer while concentrating with your eyes closed. While you listen to The Miracle Prayer, the Light of the Creator will connect the energy of your plea to certain Celestial Beings who are the true vehicle, or catalysts, by which particular energies are transferred from the Tree of Knowledge to the Tree of Life.

    For centuries, this power of this prayer has been hidden from the public. Now, this magnificent blessing is available to the lay public for the first time in more than 2800 years.

    Tybro Publications is proud to offer this beautiful recording, an invaluable spiritual tool for the low introductory price of $16.98.

    We do not promise that a miracle will occur in your life as a result of using this prayer. However, with this tool, the Force of the Miraculous can become active in your life.

    Instructions for use:

    The Miracle Prayer is best listened to while using headphones. The EMDR effect embedded within the CD creates an experience called Accelerated Spiritual Processing. Listen to the CD all the way through while you sit in a relaxed state. Concentrate on clearing your mind.

    You may use the CD as often as you wish. Give yourself some time to relax after you finish the CD. The full text of the prayer is listed above.

    You may also use the prayer as a cleansing and healing tool. It is best to play the CD for several days continuously in the place where you wish to manifest the healing resonance. You need not play it at loud volumes for it to be effective.


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    Mitchell Gibson – The Miracle Prayer

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