Glen Hopkins - The Net Success Formula
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    Glen Hopkins - The Net Success Formula

    Glen Hopkins - The Net Success Formula

    Glen Hopkins - The Net Success Formula
    Glen Hopkins - The Net Success Formula

    Module #1:

    "How to Build a Six Figure Business in 33 Days From Scratch"

    A building requires a solid foundation if you expect it to last – the same is said for any business; whether it's a multi-million dollar enterprise, or a small hobby business. All successful businesses have a solid foundation – and this is where yours gets built!


    Make your online business a screamin' success – find out what it takes to make it to the top
    (Module 1, Segment 1 – 10:25 minutes in)


    Ensure that you get the right things done at the right time. Stop being confused by alternatives and paralyzed by options!
    (Module 1, Segment 2 – 3:53 minutes in)


    Uncover the biggest secret to generating wealth in your business and never worry about where your next paycheck will come from again!
    (Module 1, Segment 3 – 3 seconds in)

    Module #2:

    "How to Quickly and Easily Create High Value Products"

    Wouldn't it be amazing if you could only provide the products that your customers are clamouring for? Discover the hidden secrets that all the Pro's use to quickly make the most effective, customer-pleasing products in the marketplace! Products that have customers lined up and begging to buy!


    Uncover the battle-tested methods to create irresistible products – faster than you ever thought possible!
    (Module 2, Segment 1 – 5:31 minutes in)


    Don't think you've got what it takes to make a physical product? Think again! Discover the methods and tricks the pro's use to make physical product creation easier than ever!
    (Module 2, Segment 3 – 3 seconds in)


    Unlock a goldmine of products and product ideas that your customers will be falling all over themselves to purchase from you.
    (Module 2, Segment 2 – 2:51 minutes in)

    Module #3:

    "How to Create an Irresistible Front End Offer and Instantly Increase Your Customer Value"

    There's an old saying in business: "nothing happens without a sale!" And it's never been more true. In order for your business to thrive you need sales, and creating an irresistible front end offer that customers will salivate over is a key to the success to your business!


    Discover the secret formula for crafting a front-end offer that will attract customers like a magnet and have them clicking the order button in a frenzy!
    (Module 3, Segment 1 – 13:32 minutes in)


    Learn how to get your customers to buy from you again and again – the very first time they ever see your page!
    (Module 3, Segment 5 – 18 seconds in)


    Unlock the tricks that the top marketers use to practically ensure that their customers buy every single time they see the offer!
    (Module 3, Segment 3 – 6:09 minutes in)

    Module #4:

    "How to Deliver Your Product and Make It Consumable"

    The power of a system in business is undisputed. The success of places like McDonald's, Walmart, and Costco are all based on systems. In this module we uncover the secrets to setting up an automated process of product delivery – a system for your business - regardless if your products are physical, digital, or a combination of both!


    The secrets of how to create a totally automated product delivery system are completely revealed!
    (Module 4, Segment 1 – 2:02 minutes in)


    Avoid the rookie pitfalls of collecting payment – learn what the pro's do and focus on making the money – not collecting it.
    (Module 4, Segment 1 – 3:21 minutes in)


    Discover all the elements of successful thank you pages and member areas and learn how the pros use them to bump their revenue
    (Module 4, Segment 2 – 2 seconds in)

    Module #5:

    "How to Get New Members and Keep Existing Ones"

    It's often been said that the "Customer is King!" This is because, without customers – you have no business. And that's why so many businesses in ALL industries spend so much time and effort to get new customers and keep the ones they have. This module shows you the secrets to customer retention, while unlocking the keys to finding new customers!


    Learn the secrets to getting a never-ending stream of traffic - chock full of people ready to buy - to your sales pages again and again
    (Module 5, Segment 1 – 2:11 minutes in)


    Don't do all the work yourself! Discover the secret methods that top marketers use to get armies of people to work hard for them – for free!
    (Module 5, Segment 4 – 4 seconds in)


    Happy customers rarely leave, ecstatic customers never leave. Unlock the secrets to creating ecstatic customers!
    (Module 5, Segment 5 – 9:51 minutes in)

    Module #6:

    "How to Create Multiple Streams of Recurring Revenue"

    Let's face it – if one stream of revenue is great – many streams of revenue is WAY better! Until now, all these methods for creating multiple streams of revenue have been available only to the top professionals. And I'm blowing the doors off! Discover a multitude of ways to create streams of revenue that will flow into your business again, and again!


    Unlock the secrets the masters use to generate multiple sales from their customers almost immediately
    (Module 6, Segment 1 – 3:41 minutes in)


    Access the dirty little secret that the big pro's don't want you to know about – one that they use to stay on top while doing less and less work!
    (Module 6, Segment 2 – 13:08 minutes in)


    This is the gold-mine of the Internet! And it's where the big-time players spend most of their time. Learn their secrets and discover how you can easily replicate their success!
    (Module 6, Segment 3 – 13:44 minutes in)



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    Glen Hopkins - The Net Success Formula

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