Fitness Info Summit 2009 - 9 Dvd Rips
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    Fitness Info Summit 2009 - 9 Dvd Rips

    Bedros Keuilian - Fitness Info Summit 2009 - 9 Dvd Rips

    Introducing: Fitness Info Summit

    "Finally, Top Six and Seven Figure Generating Fitness Info Marketers Reveal Their Secrets For Selling Ebooks, DVDs, and Membership Sites and Show YOU How to Easily Create, Market, and Generate Massive Profits Online...Once and For All."

    Meet Your Fitness Info Summit Workshop Instructors...

    If you're wondering how Fitness Info Summit is different than any other fitness seminar... let me explain.

    First, if you've ever been to any of my Fitness Business Summits then you know that I ONLY bring get REAL movers and shakers on stage to share their success - fitness entrepreneurs who are ACTIVELY making six and seven figures in the industry.

    You'll never get posers, or so called "experts" who preach but have never practiced at my events.

    And Fitness Info Summit will be no different...

    Every presenter below is actively making AT LEAST multiple six figures and some of us are even brining in seven figures a year in the info product business and we're going to show you how to get there, too.

    But I don't want you to take my word for it. I believe in proof and you should too. I want to PROVE to you that you'll be learning from dudes who are actually doing CRAZY numbers and not just preaching this stuff...

    so we're going full transparency and showing you OUR average monthly sales reports. (below you'll see shopping cart and sales reports from each of us)

    So without further ado... here are your instructors for
    Fitness Info Summit WORKSHOP.

    Craig Ballantyne

    How to Get Paid “CEO Money” While Being Your Own Boss, Working At Home, Setting Your Own Schedule, and Living the Life of Your Dreams

    How to Get Paid "CEO Money" While Being Your Own Boss, Working At Home, Setting Your Own Schedule, and Living the Life of Your Dreams

    Here's a screen shot from one of Craig's most recent product launches. $11,015.37 in three days.

    Ever since he was a young boy, Craig Ballantyne wanted to be his own boss, do what he wanted when he wanted, and earn a living by reading cool books. And thanks to his intense focus on lifestyle design, Craig achieved that dream by age 30.

    Craig's fat loss e-book, Turbulence Training, has been his six-figure flagship product since 2006, and he's since turned one single workout program into over 101 different programs for sale on Clickbank.

    Known for his dedication to productivity and taking MASSIVE ACTION, Craig has spent the last 3 years dedicating his life to helping other fitness experts achieve their dreams of selling fitness information products and living the Internet Lifestyle.

    As a result Craig spends over $45,000 a year on his own education and on testing and implementing cutting-edge Internet strategies so that he can pass along only the most important and most golden of nuggets to you – saving you time, money, and frustration.

    If you want to take your expertise and turn it into a six-figure online business that literally makes you money while you sleep without having to get up at 5am to do personal training, then you must discover Craig's simple system for dominating your niche market on the Internet – without spending a fortune on websites or on the latest (and un-necessary) Internet Marketing product.

    Here are just a few of the ESSENTIALS that Craig is going to share with you...

    How to pick the right niche market that you – and ONLY you – can dominate
    How to quickly and easily create profitable Clickbank products in only one day...AND how to re-package, re-formulate, and re-brand these products to create additional six-figure streams of income
    How to create products that will have affiliates chasing YOU down so that they can promote your stuff – and so you don't have to go begging for "guru's" to give you "pity traffic"
    How to get more work done in less time thanks to powerful time management and productivity tips – including how to write money-making emails in 10 minutes or less
    How to create money on autopilot with recurring revenue streams
    The simple system to creating a membership site that requires only one day's work per month
    How to use Entourage Marketing Strategies to create raving fans that go beyond just being loyal to you, and who will buy every single one of your products and all of the products you promote as well
    How to create an additional 6-figure income promoting other high quality products on clickbank – Heck, you can even do this if you don't have a product of your own!
    How to write sales copy using an easy 11-step system – that practically writes the copy for you!
    An easy way to get killer, money-making testimonials from all of your clients
    The truth about using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Blogging, and every other social media you can think of to actually make money rather than just waste time (He's seriously sick of people walking around bragging about how they have thousands of Twitter followers – but no cash in the bank)
    And how to Add Another 6-Figures to Your Business with Transformation Contests.

    Chris McCombs

    How to Dominate The Search Engines and Get Tons Of Traffic, Leads, Sales, and Money

    Chris has an amazing rags to riches story... he went from homelessness to having nine streams of income all from the Internet.

    His first product launch did over $50,000.00 in eight days with over $300,000.00 in billable memberships.

    Here's a little snap shot for you of his launch numbers...

    Chris knows SEO, traffic generation, getting the big affiliates to promote your products and blogging better than just about anybody on the planet.

    Here's what you'll learn...

    How to get TONS of highly targeted visitors to your websites for free
    How to get your websites to the top of Google... and how to "own" the entire first page of Google so your competitors are nowhere to be found
    What SEO mistakes to avoid at all costs... make one of these and not only will you be out thousands of dollars... but your websites will be nowhere to be found in the search engines
    What traffic strategies to avoid and are a complete waste of time
    How to get the BIG affiliates to promote your products... even the guys who never seem to promote anybody else EVER
    How to make a lot of money from a product launch... FAST
    How to get a cult-like following of buyers all with your blog
    How to turn blog readers into buyers quickly, easily and damn near effortlessly
    How to get people to come back to your blog almost everyday
    What blogging mistakes to avoid like the plague if you ever want to get a lot of traffic... the crazy thing is... these are the exact mistakes 9 out of 10 fitness experts make on their blogs almost every single time they post
    How to make people practically beg you to take their money
    How to build a HUGE list using only a blog
    How to sell your info-products from your blog every single day without fail... even if you're off on a six month long VACATION... the sales will keep rolling in

    Vince DelMonte

    How To Go From $1000/Month To Over $1000/Day By Dominating CLICKBANK With Your Own Killer Info Product.

    More proof... check out this screen shot from Vince's account from last month. Over $40,000... not to shabby for a SLOW month.

    Six years ago, Vince was working 74 hours a week as a personal trainer for $10 an hour plus a lousy commission and would say that you're gullible for believing that anyone can make over $1000 a day (net) selling fitness information.

    Fast forward to the end of 2008 and Vince has CAPTURED and DOMINATED the bodybuilding market by netting $354,707.47 selling one fitness e-book to a "competitive" and "saturated" market. As you are reading this, Vince is on track for a 7 figure, NET PROFIT, all by the age of 30.

    Vince recently said, "I think I would cry if I made anything less than $1,000 a day now!"

    Vince went from a complete nobody who could not even get an email returned from potential J.V. partners and struggling to make 1 sale a week at $39.95, to increasing the price to over $100 and making 30-60 sales a day. That process took exactly 2.5 years and is now the big guy who is getting begged to promote others products.

    What's truly amazing is Vince did all of this while working 40-50 hours a week as a personal trainer, in his spare time!

    Now Vince, at the young age of 29, has paid off his mortgage, drives the car of his dreams, takes his family members on vacations and has created a lifestyle that does not revolve around an alarm clock. And he's ready to guide you by the hand and show you exactly how he did so you can share the same "Internet lifestyle" with all the "connected guys" are just killing it like clockwork, just like an invincible force.

    Vince is going to show you how to DOMINATE CLICKBANK by creating your own killer information product, in your spare time, no matter how competitive the niche is and no matter how little experience you have right now.

    Plus, you'll also learn...

    Ever wonder how some fitness experts get the entire Internet to endorse their product and you're lucky to get one guy just to return your email? Learn the simplest and most basic way to form life-long and profitable joint venture relationships with the most connected guys in the industry.
    The complete blueprint to setting up a "set and forget" affiliate center that gives you an internet business that generates income while you sleep. And while you hang out with friends. And while on exotic vacations and while you spend with family and whatever the heck else you want to be doing.
    The "10 commandments" of getting ahead of other fitness marketers even if you're a complete newbie and your competition has been in the trenches doing this for years.
    The ONE THING your affiliate center must have before you even make it go live. The 17 proven examples of successful affiliate tools you must add to your affiliate center immediately to absolutely blow your competition out of the water. This is like fishing with dynamite. You'll leave with an astonishing "how to do it yourself" shortcut map.
    How Vince has built an affiliate newsletter list of 3,448 affiliates which gives him the power to catapult any product, even a "How to Knit" product to the top of the Clickbank Marketplace each and every time.
    Want someone else to generate 70% of your business for you while you plan your day around your family, friends, food, fun, fitness and faith? Exploit this game-changer and there is no limit to the amount of money you can make.
    How he built a life-long relationship with the biggest and baddest fitness marketers of all time that has led to multiple figure promotions each and every year.
    The secret to getting your affiliates to say "Yes," each and every time.
    A very "little known" but brutally effective secret that is guaranteed to pour cash into your bank account (one that no one is doing properly).
    The amazing "lazy marketers" way to a 3-step shortcut to maintaining genuine affiliate relationships without appearing fake and without annoying the heck out of them.
    The one email that no one in the history of civilization has ever NOT opened (this one is a HUGE money getter).
    How to figure out the passionate "sweet spot" of your affiliates by mastering this no-brainer activity.
    You'll get instant trust and credibility because they see how real and sincere you are.
    How to sell yourself without sounding desperate and positioning yourself so that affiliates beg, "How do I promote your stuff?"
    Behind-the-scenes access to my DVD Launch that netted me over $75,000 NET PROFIT in 84-hours.
    How to design a killer product launch that stops your intended affiliates cold! No matter how busy, find the correct "trigger sequence" of events that will pinch your affiliate in the ass and force them to drop everything they are doing and promote your launch.
    Skip slow learning progress and shoot right to the top of Clickbank and earn over $100,000 net profit in your FIRST MONTH EVER being online. Sound impossible? It's not! Joel Marion ( did it and he gave Vince permission to show you his behind-the-scene secrets.
    How to plan out your perfect product launch over a short weekend... so you can start earning a fortune the minute you flip the "on" switch of your website.
    How to hit your prospects "long overdue" hot buttons... at the exact right moment so that you have a lineup of visitors waiting to hit "Order" when the site goes live.
    The single most important email that you must get your affiliates to send if you're ever going to be the next Vince DelMonte.

    Steve Hochman

    How to Destroy Your FEARS, DOUBTS and LIMITING behavior ... And switch Your Brain to Automatic Success Mode Once and For All.

    Warning: Your brain may be set to FAILURE MODE, without you even knowing it! Which means no matter how hard your try to succeed, you may not stand a chance.

    How can you tell? Answer these 10 questions...

    1. Do you ever doubt yourself?

    2. Has fear ever kept you from doing something?

    3. Is it hard for you to get out of your comfort zone?

    4. Do the words, "I can't do that" ever cross your mind?

    5. Do you ever limit yourself because something seems impossible or too big?

    6. If I gave you 10 seconds to tell me your 3 biggest wishes, would you struggle to tell me?

    7. Has anyone ever told you "you can't" and you believed them?

    8. Do you associate with any "negative" people?

    9. Have you ever quit something you wanted to accomplish?

    10. Have you ever been excited about a new business idea but couldn't get it off the ground?

    If you answered YES to three or more of these questions, there's a very strong chance that no matter how much information you learn, no matter how motivated you are, you will NOT succeed.

    How do I know this?

    Because after helping thousands of fitness professionals make millions of dollars, I've found one single "make" or "break" success factor... And it's MINDSET.

    I've personally seen less intelligent, lazy fitness professionals literally leave their seasoned veteran competitors in the dust because of their mindset.

    How Can This Be?

    There's a part of your brain called the reticular activation system (R.A.S) that acts as a filter, literally BLOCKING you from receiving information critical to your success.

    And what's worse is that a part of your brain called the cyber-cybernetic mechanism, if programmed wrong, may be automatically sending paralyzing fear and doubt hormones through your body every time you so much as even think of success.

    However, it's not all gloom and doom...

    I have a secret weapon in my success arsenal, and his name is Steve Hochman.

    His energy is so ELECTRIFYING that I actually have to crank up the AC on the days he visits my office (true story).

    I've never met ANYONE who puts you in (W.D.M.) WORLD DOMINATION MODE like Steve does. In fact, his mindset skills are so powerful, that I asked him to partner with me on one of my biggest project yet.

    Oh, and just to show you that he is the real deal too, and not some HACK info marketer wannabe... here is the "End OF Day Settlement Report" from day one of our Fit Body Boot Camp launch.

    Over $81,000 in one day – PLUS $397/month in recurring fees from each of the 46 sales from that day.

    With Steve's Automatic Success Secrets You will...

    Never be stopped by fear and doubt again
    Have unlimited ENERGY and MOTIVATION
    Now Be able to see opportunities that your brain has hidden from you in the past
    Put an end to procrastination... for good.
    Be laser focused on your goals
    Finally be experience at your FULL POTENTIAL
    Make way more money without sabotaging yourself
    Take MASSIVE ACTION whenever you want to
    Attract the RIGHT people into your life
    Set your brain to automatic DOMINATION MODE
    Fair warning...
    I have never met a guy that can PUMP YOU UP and MOTIVATE you as much as Steve.

    You may have a really hard time staying in your seats because you're gonna want to run out a and conquer the world. (He has that effect)

    If you have a weak heart, or are allergic to high levels of fun, excitement and motivation then this isn't for you.

    However, if fear, doubt or procrastination has ever stood in your way, then NOW is your opportunity to DESTROY it for good... And start taking MASSIVE ACTION!

    Bedros Keuilian

    Secrets, Systems, and Tactics for Creating Multiple Info Product Income Streams and Getting a LOT of People to Give You a TON of Money... While You Hardly Work.

    Then there's me... Bedros Keuilian... your host

    And before I tell you all the killer stuff I'm going to share... let me first show you last month's sales report so you know I'm the real deal.

    Below is a monthly sales report from the last three months. And this is just ONE of my SIX shopping carts (and, no this is NOT the biggest one, or the best month ever, I hate when people do that kinda stuff that's why I chose to show you three straight months in a row).

    Check it out - $194,174.35 in 90 days from one of six shopping carts. And this does not even include Hitech Trainer and FitPro Newsletter... my big grossers

    Okay, so what qualifies me to teach you online info marketing, other than the numbers above?

    I've been there... don't that... and make the seven figures.

    I own four membership sites (including Hitech Trainer and FitPro Newsletter), seven info products (DVDs, Manuals, and downloadable products). My income comes from continuity products, coaching programs, live events, workshops, hard products, downloadable products and licensing programs, and even affiliate programs.

    What do all these things have in common? They are ALL information. And I've figured out how to sell them to the tune of seven figures...

    Now I'm not sharing any of this to impress you.

    I'm sharing this stuff because I want to impress upon you that I know what it takes to sell information products of all forms on the internet. And the four dudes above who are teaching at Fitness Info Summit with me know their stuff too.

    But it wasn't always that way for me. I used to train clients all day long and then go to my one bedroom apartment where I lived with a roommate.

    Then when things really got bad and I lived out of my 79 Toyota pick-up for a while, and I was living off the now infamous diet coke and tuna shakes (Chris McCombs made my diet coke and tuna story famous in is Market Annihilator launch last November).

    In the past I've failed several times at trying to create info products online... my biggest failure cost me $55,000 in maxed out credit cards (that's what got me into the ol' Toyota).

    But then I cracked the code and today I can knock out info products, membership sites, live events, and a bunch of other money getting online businesses in just a matter of weeks – and sometime days.

    So whether you want to sell fitness info products full time on the internet or you just want to supplement your income by adding an addition $5,000 - $10,000/month in info product profits to your bottom, line I can show you how.

    Here are just a few things you'll learn...

    My little secret for creating an entire info product outline in ten minutes or less. (This is the same method Steve Hochman and I used to create Fit Body Boot Camp).
    How to go into saturated markets and dominate as if you were the first one in.
    My secret up sell system for getting at least twice the asking price on anything you sell.
    A sneaky little method for converting a couple hundred dollar sale into a several thousand dollar sale.
    How to create high end software products for penny on the dollar (and in less time than you'd think)
    A simple little image that doubled my sales conversion literally overnight.
    How to build a loyal customer base that will buy anything you put out.
    How to cut refund rates in half with a simple email series (I'll give you the entire series)
    How to use the "publisher" model to crank out products and make the BIG bucks with little to no work on your part.
    The secret piece of copy I use to crush all buyers resistance.
    How to price your products for maximum profit without seeming expensive or out of reach.
    The three things you need to do way before you even create your product if you want to make the BIG paydays.
    The four P's of writing sales copy (without these your product will never make more than $100/month)
    The three biggest mistakes fitness professionals make when creating an info product.
    How to make HIGH QUALITY DVD's for dirt cheap and never have to house or ship a single one yourself.
    How to take a $39 ebook and turn it into a $19/month membership site for under $300.
    I'm also going to teach you some really sneaky tactics for building a cult like following, loyal fans, rabid buyers and for getting people to promote your stuff everywhere they go.

    Plus I'll walk you through my seven figure funnel and show you EXACTLY how you can position your info products to promote sales of your others products and services. This sneaky little tactic is the difference between making a couple thousand each month versus making $20-40K each month.

    How much would you expect to pay to have the top five industry info product experts reveal how they generate hundreds of thousands of dollars (and even millions ) in annual profits?

    Okay Bedros, I'm Convinced... How Much Will It Cost Me to attend?

    I could easily charge as much as $1400 for this workshop. In fact most of my workshops range from $997 to $1900 and they always sell out.

    ...but, you won't pay $1400 to attend. You won't even pay $400 to learn these cutting-edge secrets and tactics for creating a hugely successful online info product business.

    In fact, I want to make sure that EVERY fitness professional who wants to know how to create and make a killing with info products online can get this information so I've kept the registration fee really low... ONLY $147!

    Yep, $147 gets you in front of real online info marketers like Craig Ballantyne, Chris McCombs, Vince Del Monte, Steve Hochman, and me... Bedros Keuilian for two whole days and we're not holding anything back!

    JUST ADDED: Bonus Breakout Session

    Just to be sure that all of your most pressing questions are answered we just added a bonus Friday night EXPERT round table Question and Answer session with the entire panel.
    So Click Here To Secure Your Seat For Only $147 Now!

    You're Fully Protected By Our 200% Double Your Money-Back Guarantee!

    I really want you to be 100% satisfied with the Fitness Info Summit, and I'm completely confident you will be. But just to remove all doubt from your mind I want to offer you this incredible guarantee that no other industry event can match.

    Register today and join us at Fitness Info Summit in Orlando. And if you're not thoroughly convinced that the Fitness Business Summit is worth every single penny that you invested, just let me or one of my staffers know at anytime during the two day event and we will refund you DOUBLE your money back right on the spot. No catch and no hard feelings.

    Do we have a deal?

    I'm determined to never have an unhappy customer so I'm backing it up with this incredible guarantee. Sure, I know it's a bold guarantee and that it holds my feet to the fire, but that's how confident I am that you will be absolutely thrilled with the step-by-step formula you get for launching your own fitness info product business.

    Don't Miss Out On This...
    FIS09 Will Sell-Out FAST.

    Like I said, all my live events sell out quickly so procrastinating is not a good idea because you may just miss out.

    Here's another little extra bonus for you. Orlando, Florida is beautiful, especially the Downtown Disney area where the info summit will be –So you may want to tack on an extra day or two to enjoy. We’ll be doing the Disney thing for sure

    Dates: October, 23 – 24 2009
    Locations: Orlando, Florida
    Times: Friday October 23rd: 9 AM – 6 PM
    Saturday October 24th: 9 AM – 6:00 PM

    Listen, we've done 95% of the work for you. We're giving you the step-by-step blueprint for creating and killer fitness info product business online. The instructors are all world class, tested and proven and this information can’t be found anywhere else.

    If you have an idea for an ebook, DVD, membership site, or any kind if info product then you’d be crazy to miss out on this live event!

    Now all you have to do is make the remaining 5% effort and register for the biggest and best event for creating, sell, and profiting with your own fitness info products.

    Look, if you're serious about creating a secure income stream to supplement or even replace your current income then there's no excuse for missing these two days.
    Click here to register safely and securely now >>

    Committed to your success,

    Bedros Keuilian

    P.S. Look, 12 months from now you'll either be a year older and in the same position you are today, or you could have the security and reliability of having a website literally spit out money 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Click here to register before you miss out.

    P.P.S. Remember, you're fully protected by my better-than-money-back guarantee. So Register Now and let us show YOU how to make money in your sleep with your own ebook, DVD, or membership site.

    password ;-

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