Working with Adjustment Layers Photoshop
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    Working with Adjustment Layers Photoshop

    Working with Adjustment Layers Photoshop
    Working with Adjustment Layers Photoshop
    757MB | HF Links

    Adjustment Layers are a fantastic feature to enhance image tone, exposure, color, and contrast. Learn why and when to use Adjustment Layers and how to harness the power of Layer Masks. Katrin will demonstrate Finding Neutral, Digital Darkroom techniques, Exposure and Lighting, and Creative Color.


    Chapter 1 : Introduction and Palette Settings
    Lesson 1 : Introduction
    Eleven reasons to appreciate Adjustment Layers.
    Lesson 2 : Levels and Settings
    Explains efficient workspace and palette settings.
    Lesson 3 : Saving Files with Adjustment Layers
    Addresses saving files in the Photoshop and TIFF file formats.
    Lesson 4 : Why Hi-Bit?
    Learn the advantages and disadvantages of working with 8-bit and high-bit images.

    Chapter 2 : The Value of Neutral
    Lesson 5 : Levels Application
    Introduction to Layers and correcting exposure and removing color casts.
    Lesson 6 : Finding Neutral Part 1
    Setting the black and white target values for Levels and Curves.
    Lesson 7 : Finding Neutral Part 2
    Finding white, black and grey to remove color casts caused by lighting and camera settings.
    Lesson 8 : Finding Neutral Part 3
    Taking advantage of memory colors to define neutral.
    Lesson 9 : Finding Neutral Part 4
    Removing extreme color contamination from antique images.
    Lesson 10 : Finding Neutral Part 5
    Working with Auto Levels to achieve professional results.
    Lesson 11 : Finding Neutral Part 6
    The importance of cropping before using Auto Levels.

    Chapter 3 : Working Efficiently
    Lesson 12 : Working with Macbeth
    Using a known reference for accurate color correction.
    Lesson 13 : Transferring Corrections
    Sharing image corrections and using the Luminosity Blending Mode to improve images.

    Chapter 4 : Improving Exposure Techniques
    Lesson 14 : Correcting a Tintype
    Understanding Blending Modes and improving a dark image.
    Lesson 15 : Correcting Underexposure
    Combining Blending Modes and 'Blend If' to rescue dark images.
    Lesson 16 : Correcting Overexposure
    Harness the power of Blending Modes to quickly improve over-exposed images.
    Lesson 17 : Selective Lightening
    Using Selections and Layer Masks to control and refine tonal corrections.

    Chapter 5 : The Digital Darkroom
    Lesson 18 : Introduction to Dodging
    Non-destructive dodging technique to lighten image areas.
    Lesson 19 : Introduction to Burning
    Two edge burning techniques used to darken image corners.
    Lesson 20 : Contrast and Enhancement
    Using adjustment layers to enhance tone and contrast to make an image pop.
    Lesson 21 : Balancing Exposure and Color
    Enhancing daylight and color to balance an image.

    Chapter 6 : Creative Color
    Lesson 22 : Photo Filter to the Rescue
    Removing fluorescent light color casts with a custom Photo Filter.
    Lesson 23 : Color Toning
    Beautiful mono and split toning techniques.
    Lesson 24 : Color and BW Together
    Combining color and black and white to create unique images.
    Lesson 25 : Hand Coloring
    Introduction to hand-coloring antique images.



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    Working with Adjustment Layers Photoshop

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