VectorTuts+ - 5 Tutorials Pack
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    VectorTuts+ - 5 Tutorials Pack

    VectorTuts+ - 5 Tutorials Pack

    VectorTuts+ - 5 Tutorials Pack | 132 MB
    Illustrated HTML + Project Files

    How to Create a Cute, 3D, Vector Robot

    For this tutorial, we'll use simple shapes to create a cute robot. We'll apply various shading techniques to give our vector illustration a 3D style. We'll work from sketch the final illustration, and cover all the techniques used to make this character. Let's get started!

    How to Make the Vector Character "Cactus King"

    In this tutorial I show how I create a character I've named the "Cactus King." My normal approach to designing is to create a sketch on paper first, scan and then build in digital form. However for this character project I wanted to explore creating in vector right from the get go.

    How to Paint Psychedelically in Illustrator

    In this tutorial, we'll be using illustrator to create psychedelic reptile art. I'll show you my process for using overlapping vector shapes to create a painterly style illustration.

    Producing an Informative Map In Perspective with Illustrator

    We're going to illustrate a map. A fairly simple directive, but before we go any further we need to establish why we're illustrating it. By illustrating we're going to give the final product personality, flair, a bit of life - we're going to hope that the user is drawn into it, attracted to it and once we have their attention - that they can use it. In producing this map we're not only illustrating, but also designing information graphics; finding that age-old balance between form and function.

    Utilizing Perspective and Depth of Field in Your Character Creations

    When it comes to simulating three dimensional depth in your illustrations, the Blend Tool is your new best friend. Watch and be amazed at the power of Illustrator CS3 as it reaches through your monitor and, with defiance, and slaps you in the face with it's subtle charm and versatility.

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    VectorTuts+ - 5 Tutorials Pack

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