TurboSquid - Creature FX: Volume 1
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    TurboSquid - Creature FX: Volume 1

    TurboSquid - Creature FX: Volume 1
    TurboSquid - Creature FX: Volume 1
    English | Video Training only | AVC1 900x562 | MP3 128 Kbps | 932 MB
    Genre: eLearning

    Creature FX: Volume 1 is the first in a series of training DVDs designed to focus on dozens of the visual effects associated with characters, creatures and other organic and animated subjects. It introduces many advanced industry techniques developed specifically for the latest crop of effects-laden films and utilizes up to date software and methods to create blockbuster visual effects!

    In Volume 1, you'll learn the entire creative process for generating convincing character disintegration effects; similar to the visual effects created for the upcoming action feature film Day Breakers (release date early 2010) to create a character bursting into flames and burning away. Each layer of this effect is meticulously handled through advanced particle systems, scripting, fluids and advanced shader techniques.

    This training includes the initial construction of each layer of the effect, the rendering out of each layer pass and the construction of a heavy 2D composite to bring all of the render elements together into one seamless visual. You will see how to effectively tweak each layer and utilize compositing tricks to enhance the overall visual effect. Not only will you cover how to create this effect, but also how to conceptualize and create an intuitive workflow process for building the entire visual effects pipeline, so you can make changes on the fly and the entire system will update and adapt. Moreover, you'll see how to replicate the pipeline easily for dozens of other effects shots!

    With over 8 hours of advanced training content designed for intermediate to expert level artists but designed in a way that any 3D user should be able to follow and understand - CreatureFX: Volume 1 is guaranteed to raise the level of anyone's visual effects work, teaching them core techniques and evolving into Hollywood blockbuster visual effects methods.

    Just look at the course outline:

    DISC 1: Effects Creation

    1. Introduction
    2. Particle Mask Generation
    3. Creating Particle Triggers
    4. Creating Sparks
    5. Generating Flames
    6. Tweaking the Flame effect
    7. Creating Ash Layers
    8. Bringing the Fire and Ash Layers Together
    9. Creating Smoke
    10. Building a Burn Shader
    11. Floor Impact FX Elements
    12. Generating Fire Sparks

    DISC 2: Compositing

    1. Masking Channels
    2. Building the Initial Comp Tree
    3. Illumination
    4. Lighting
    5. Advanced Compositing
    6. Finalizing the Look

    TurboSquid - Creature FX: Volume 1

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    TurboSquid - Creature FX: Volume 1

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