All that Computer Keyboard short cuts will help you everyday detailed
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    Warning All that Computer Keyboard short cuts will help you everyday detailed

    All that Computer Keyboard short cuts will help you everyday detailed

    All that Computer Keyboard short cuts will help you everyday detailed

    Most of us use computers on a daily basis even though smartphone is taking over majority of our tasks. There are areas of Computer usage today still not replaced by smartphones like workplace computer tasks, coding/server management, photo/video editing among them. So those who needs fast paced computer work or progress of work, they have most likely been using short cuts to make their work easy and quick. Many of them are useful for highly skilled computer specialists though there are some simple ones useful for everybody using PC/Laptop. Here we are going to details most of them. There are some single key keyboard short cuts already implemented in most of the keyboards, but many short cuts are using key combinations like Alt+Ctrl etc. Lets have a look at them one by one.

    All that Computer Keyboard short cuts will help you everyday detailed

    Common keyboard short cuts:-

    Windows key : This key is usually located on bottom row between left Alt and Ctrl keys with Windows icon on it. When you press it it will bring up the start menu over left corner of screen. There are some combinations to use with Windows key which will be detailed in Windows short cuts below.

    Ctrl+C : Probably the most commonly used short cut in many applications to copy the selected text which can be pasted on to another application like MS word. You have to highlight the text you want to copy and then use the short cut to copy it to the clipboard.

    Ctrl+V : Once we use the above Ctrl+C short cut to copy a selected area of text then the next step will be to paste it on to some blank area of an application like Word or text writing area of another application like Internet Browser. We can use Ctrl+V for this purpose. Highlight the curser of mouse on the new application by clicking on the spot you want to paste, then use the short cut to paste the copied text.

    Ctrl+S : This is another commonly used keybaord short cut which save the text file or word document or any work you have been doing in applications like photoshop.

    Ctrl+A : This short cut will select all the text in the opened application and then easy to copy if you want to export all the texts rather than using the mouse to highlight the all the texts.

    Ctrl+X : This will cut the highlighted text and leave the space blank and the cut text will be on clipboard and can be pasted onto another area or to different application like word document.

    Keyboard short cuts for Windows OS:-

    Windows key + R : It will open Run menu where you can open either command prompt (by typing and entering 'cmd') or windows configuration file (by typing and entering 'msconfig') etc.

    Windows key + E : It will get you Windows Explorer and from there you can browse the files and folders in the hard disk.

    ALT + Tab : It will help to switch between windows if you have opened multiple applications rather than going minimizing and clicking on the other application.

    ALT + Space + X : Maximize window if the current opened window is in downsized state.

    CTRL + Shift + Esc : This will pop up the Task Manager.

    Windows key + Break : It will take you the current System properties. Break key is usually located on far top right corner of keyboard.

    Windows key + F : This short cut will open Search from start menu and you can type in the application name or something to find and search. in Windows 10 you can search in to internet and has Cortana (voice assistant) for voice command searching.

    Windows key + D : It will minimize or Hide/Display all windows opened.

    Windows OS short cuts : There are many short cuts you can use to get Windows OS (like Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP etc) settings or start menu or open explorer etc. See below for details of such short cuts

    While booting windows press F12 repeatedly to get into Boot menu and if you have pressed F8 it will take you to boot options.

    Alt + Esc — Switch between running applications

    Ctrl + Esc — Open Program Menu

    Ctrl + F4 — Close active document or group windows (does not work with some applications)

    Alt + F4 — Quit active application or close current window

    Alt + [-] — Open Control menu for active document

    Ctrl + Left. + Right. arrow — Move cursor forward or back one word

    Ctrl + Up + Down arrow — Move cursor forward or back one paragraph

    F1 — Open Help for active application

    Windows + M — Minimize all open windows

    Shift+Windows + M — Undo minimize all open windows

    Windows + F1 — Open Windows Help

    Windows + Tab — Cycle through the Taskbar buttons

    Windows + Break — Open the System Properties dialog box

    System Commands:- Type the following commands in your Run Box (Windows Key + R) or Start Run to get into the specific windows settings

    msconfig - Windows configuration settings like start up applications , boot options, enabling and disabling start up services etc

    devmgmt.msc — Device Manager

    msinfo32 — System Information

    cleanmgr — Disk Cleanup

    ntbackup — Backup or Restore Wizard (Windows Backup Utility)

    mmc — Microsoft Management Console

    msaccess — Microsoft Access (If Installed)

    calc — Calculator

    msmsgs — Windows Messenger

    mspaint — Microsoft Paint

    rstrui — System Restore

    control — Opens the Control Panel

    control printers — Opens the Printers Dialog

    cmd — Command Prompt

    iexplore + "web address" — Internet Explorer

    compmgmt.msc — Computer Management

    dhcpmgmt.msc — DHCP Management

    dnsmgmt.msc — DNS Management

    services.msc — Services

    eventvwr — Event Viewer

    dsa.msc — Active Directory Users and Computers

    dssite.msc — Active Directory Sites and Services

    Microsoft Word:- It makes life lot easier if you know these short cuts in Word application and if you are a regular word user.

    F1 key — Get help or use the Office assistant

    SHIFT and F1 Key — Context sensitive help

    F2 Key — Move text or image

    SHIFT + F2 Key — Copy text

    F3 Key — Insert an autotext entry

    SHIFT + F3 Key — Change the case of the selected text

    F4 Key — Perform last action again

    SHIFT + F4 Key — Perform a Find or Go to action again

    F5 Key — Displays the Go to dialogue box. You can also get to Find and Replace from here

    SHIFT + F5 Key — Move to a previous revision

    F6 Key — Go to the next frame or pane

    F7 Key — Launch the Spell checker

    SHIFT + F7 Key — Launch the Thesaurus

    F8 Key — Extend the current selection

    SHIFT + F8 Key — Shrink the current selection

    F9 Key — Update the selected fields

    SHIFT + F9 Key — Switch between a field code and its result

    F10 Key — Activate the menu bar

    SHIFT + F10 Key — Display a Shortcut Menu (same as right-clicking)

    F11 Key — Go to the next field

    SHIFT + F11 Key — Go to the previous field

    F12 Key — Save file As, equivalent to tools menu

    SHIFT + F12 Key — Save document, equivalent to tools menu

    CTRL and ENTER — Insert Page Break

    CTRL and F2 — Show Print preview

    CTRL and F4 — Closes the active document window

    CTRL and F6 — Opens the next document window

    CTRL and A — Selects all in the current document

    CTRL and B — Bold text

    CTRL and C — Copies the item or text to the Clipboard and can be pasted using CTRL and V

    CTRL and D — Displays the Font dialogue box

    CTRL and E — Centre Alignment

    CTRL and F — Displays the Find dialog box, to search the current document

    CTRL and G — Displays the Go to dialog box, to go to a specific location in the current document

    CTRL and H — Displays the Replace dialogue box

    CTRL and I — Italic text

    CTRL and J — Full Justification

    CTRL and K — Create Hyperlink

    CTRL and L — Left Alignment

    CTRL and M — Tab

    CTRL and N — Creates a new document

    CTRL and O — Displays the Open File dialogue box

    CTRL and P — Displays the Print dialog box

    CTRL and R — Right Alignment

    CTRL and S — Displays the Save dialog box

    CTRL and U — Underline text

    CTRL and V — Pastes the copied item or text from the Clipboard into the current position in the document

    CTRL and X — Cuts the item or text selected to the Clipboard

    CTRL and Y — Redo the last undone action

    CTRL and Z — Undoes the last action

    Microsoft Excel shortcuts:- The following shortcuts are for Excel application in windows.

    F2 — Edit the selected cell

    F5 — Go to a specific cell. For example, C6

    F7 — Spell check selected text and/or document

    F11 — Create chart

    Ctrl + Shift + — Enter the current time

    Ctrl + — Enter the current date

    Alt + Shift + F1 — Insert New Worksheet

    Shift + F3 — Open the Excel formula window

    Shift + F5 — Bring up search box

    Ctrl + A — Select all contents of the worksheet

    Ctrl + B — Bold highlighted selection

    Ctrl + I — Italic highlighted selection

    Ctrl + K — Insert link

    Ctrl + U — Underline highlighted selection

    Ctrl + 5 — Strikethrough highlighted selection

    Ctrl + P — Bring up the print dialog box to begin printing

    Ctrl + Z — Undo last action

    Ctrl + F6 — Switch between open workbooks / windows

    Ctrl + F9 — Minimize current window

    Ctrl + F10 — Maximize currently selected window

    Ctrl + Page up — Move between Excel work sheets in the same Excel document

    Ctrl + Page down — Move between Excel work sheets in the same Excel document

    Ctrl + Tab — Move between Two or more open Excel files

    Alt + = — Create a formula to add all of the above cells

    Ctrl + Shift + % — Format number in percentage format

    Ctrl + Shift + ^ — Format number in scientific format

    Ctrl + Shift + @ — Format number in time format

    Ctrl + ' — Insert the value of the above cell into cell currently selected

    Ctrl + Shift + ! — Format number in comma format

    Ctrl + Shift + $ — Format number in currency format

    Ctrl + Shift + # — Format number in date format

    Ctrl + Arrow key — Move to next section of text

    Ctrl + Space — Select entire column

    Shift + Space — Select entire row
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    All that Computer Keyboard short cuts will help you everyday detailed

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