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    "A genaral guide to various user categories of WEINDIANS"

    <p>Dear members,<p> <p> Welcome to a worldwide malayalee forum. This is a small guide to various user groups in our forum. As many of you seen various usernames with different colours and title images, so this will clear your doubts and querries. This guide will expalin each usergroups and their benefits and powers.</p> <p> <color="red">1.Adminstrators-</color="red"> These are the members of forum who administer the website like any other website. They include founder of the forum,root admins,co-admins etc. They have the power to edit,delete anything in the forum, control and edit,promote,ban members, add new features to the forum and the root admins has almost the power to do anything to the forum. They are selected by the other admins based on their dedication, contributions and trust and they need to be with the forum long enough to get selected. Of course they should have enough free time to spend with the forum...</p> <p> <color="darkred">2.Supermoderators-</color="darkred"> They are the next groups below administrators. They have the power to edit and delete threads and posts if feels unnecessary, move threads to correct forum moderate[approve/disapprove] thread n posts and they will tske part in discussion with staff members. They have ability to moderate more than one section of the forum..They are also dedicated members and contribute to the growth of forum. They are picked by staff members from active members of the forum...They should have time to dedicate to forum. Members cant request to be selected instead picked by admins based on their activity and time spent here...</p> <p> <color="green">3.Moderators-</color="green"> They come below supermoderators.Only one difference between them ,moderators can moderate a section specified to them.You can view moderators assigned to each section below the threadlists. They are also picked by staffs. You can request if you think your eligible[go to thread in "how do i" section].</p> <p> <color="orange">4.SuperActiveMember[SAM]-</color="orange">They are long term active members of forum and well dedicated members. So they have access to special sections like VIP lounge,Golden VIP Lounge and exclusively to SAM section. They could be in staff panel,but chose not because of lack of time/personal matters. Members are promoted automatically when their post count is 2000 or above.</p> <p> <color="slategray">5.VIP Members -</color="slategray"> They are the next usergroup falls below SAM.They are also very acitve members and they have access to VIP Lounge. To be promoted post count must be 500 or above and promotion is automatic.</p> <p><color="yellow">6.GoldenVIP-</color="yellow"> Members who have taken GoldenVIP subscription will have access to special release forums like GoldenVIP lounge and VIP Lounge. When subscription over they are automatically demoted to previous usergroup. They have unlimited request to get any videos. To get access please donate.</p> <p> <color="magenta">7.Movieclub Mmebers</color="magenta">. They have access to general movie section of the forum. They are promoted once they complete 25 valid and meaningful posts[ just thanx ,cool, cheers wont be considered]. They need to request in movieaccess request thread to gain this promotion.</p> <p> <color="blue">8.Registered Members-</color="blue"> They belong to registered groups of forum and activated their account via email activation. Their post count is below 25 or awaiting promotion to movie access. Those registered members not acitvated their account goes to <color="silver"> "Baby"</color="silver"> category.</p> <p> <color="black">9.Banned Members-</color="black"> These members are banned from forum for their activities against forumrules, spamming, advertising and bad behaviour to members and saff etc. Depending on the reason they could be IP banned which means they can't access/view forum at all. So be careful and responsible for your doings.</p> <p> You can identify yourself which usergroup you belong by color of your username like displayed above.</p> Thanx Weindian team.

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